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Our mission is to help one million students who do not have reliable Internet access at home reach their full potential by giving them devices and free high-speed, reliable Internet access.

Eligibility Requirements

Program eligibility is reviewed annually. Approved members may request devices in the amount that is equal to the number of identified eligible students. Hotspots and smartphones may be available — device types are not guaranteed.

  1. Commitment to identify a minimum of 50 students annually based on the following eligibility criteria:
  2. Student is in grades K-12
  3. Student does not have reliable high-speed Internet access at home
  4. Student is committed to using their 1Million Project device to support their online learning
  1. Commitment to ensuring 75% of distributed devices are used each month.
  2. Commitment to recovering and redeploying devices from students with non-use.
  3. Commitment to completing the annual District Implementation Plan (DIP).
  4. Commitment to engaging in three 20 minute Program Status Reviews annually with several members of the district’s senior leaders and 1MP staff.
  5. Commitment to ensuring timely device distribution to eligible students.
  6. Commitment to identifying a district Point of Contact (POC) and school POC’s to administer the project.


Contact Information

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District Primary Program Point of Contact

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District and School Information


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Director of Technology (or equivalent position)

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Director of Teaching & Learning (or equivalent position)

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Technology Integration and Learning

Social Media

The 1Million Project shares key information, insights and successes via social media. We would like to invite you to follow and engage with us socially as we celebrate our collective efforts and wins!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free, world-class content, teacher tools, and reports to support teachers as they personalize learning for students. The 1Million Project Foundation has a partnership with Khan Academy to better harness the power of students' internet access as provided by the 1Million Project Foundation.

Tax Exemption

Program Awareness

Attachment Section

Please download and attach the following completed documents:

1. A completed School and District Distribution List (REQUIRED)
2. Tax Exemption Certificate (If applicable)

Verify and Send

I acknowledge that I have read the 2020-2021 Terms and Conditions and will be required to electronically sign the 1Million Project Terms & Conditions form prior to the ordering process. *


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